Beaverton Strength and Conditioning – CrossFit

Main WOD

A: Overhead Squat (3 x 5)

*2 sec pause in bottom position

*Begin @40-50%

*Build each set

B: Metcon (1 Rounds for reps)

In a 14 minute window complete the following


Power Snatch 75/55

Double unders

Directly into



Toe to Bar
*If you finish work, max rep burpee box jump overs

in remaining time.

*1st part = 240 reps if completed

Score = Total reps

Extra work

A: Metcon (Weight)

Back squat clusters

10.10.10 x 3

Rest 30s

Rest 3 min

Start at 50%

Accessory Work

A: Metcon (No Measure)

5 sets of

Strict pull up x 5 @ 31X1

Strict dip x 5 @ 31X1

Goblet squat x 5 w/3s hold in bottom

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