Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Kevin Cornell @ Beaverton Strength and Conditioning
Jan 18 @ 5:30 pm – Jan 19 @ 8:00 pm

Saturday January 18th & 19th 

9:30am to 12:00 

break for lunch 

1:00 to 3:30

To enroll go to Mindbody and click on the “Events” tab 

2013 Arnold Classic Champion Kevin Cornell is offering a seminar to athletes interested in learning or improving their Olympic lifts. Session will consist of instruction in proper form, interactive training to improve technique and demonstration of drills and variations for the Olympic style movements including the snatch and clean & jerk. 

Clinic will include:

•Brief introduction of Kevin’s background/credentials

•Olympic Weightlifting & Its Importance to Your Training Regimen

•The Pitfalls of Poor Technique

•Introduction to the Snatch

•Interactive snatch Application & Refinement with a snatch demonstration by Kevin 

•Introduction to the Clean + Jerk

•Interactive C+J Application & Refinement with a C+J Demo by Kevin

•Putting it All Together/Training Protocol



Who is Kevin Cornell: 

Kevin Cornell has been weightlifting for over 6 years now and has accrued many accolades in that time frame. Starting late in the sport at the age of 18yo he has broken over 10 state records in three different weight classes and achieved dozens of medals locally as well as nationally. Kevin is ranked 3rd in the 105 kilo weight class and 9th overall in all weight classes in the country. Kevin has been coached and trained by the world famous Glenn Pendlay at the most prestigious training academy in the country California Strength. Along the way he has learned what it takes to be the best not only in weightlifting but coaching as well and is ready to pass along all of the secrets it takes to become the best. Kevin accredits a lot of his success to his mindset that nothing is impossible. A famous quote that Kevin lives by is by Walt Disney who said “If you can dream it you can do it.” This is how Kevin has managed to lift world class total’s in training on a daily basis, push press 400lbs, back squat 600lbs, front squat 500lbs, and achieve many more feats of strength that you will be able to see live and in person. So be ready to get strong, work hard, and have fun with “No Limits.”