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Trainer’s Talk – Macros Simplified

05.12.2017 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

What is a macro (macronutrient)? It’s a fancy term for carbs, protein and fat. How do you count them? How many should you have? Below is a quick and easy guide to calculate macros. We are super fortunate to have tools to help us figure ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – 2016 in Review

01.13.2017 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

2016 – A Year in Review What an amazing year!!! Wodify is very cool as it tracks all sorts of info, which is why it is a good idea to record your scores! And we all know that some people don’t enter scores so the numbers are ... READ MORE

Training – Make it a Priority

10.25.2016 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Many things are changing this time of year. Cool days and cooler nights, less sunshine and more gloomy days, upcoming holidays and trying to be prepared to name a few. It is not uncommon for some people to get into a rut this time of ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Hammer and Nails

09.04.2015 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Training can be many things depending on the day. Some days it may be fun, rewarding, exciting, and make you feel like a super star.  Yet other days it may be a bit depressing, seem stupid, and make you wonder “why do I do this”?  I ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – The Tabata Protocol Workout

08.06.2015 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

http://www.tabataprotocol.com/ Never heard of the Tabata Protocol Workout? Created by Izumi Tabata, the Tabata Protocol is simply the best supra-aerobic cardio workout every discovered. “The rate of increase in V02max is one of ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – The Front Squat

06.18.2015 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

We’ve been on our front squat cycle ince the beginning of May. The first few weeks were spent box squatting which helped us wake up our glutes and hamstrings. Now we are moving onto front squats without the box which will allow us to ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Box Squatting

05.20.2015 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

The benefits of the box squat are many. First is the fact that squatting on a box forces you to pause at the bottom, which causes you to recruit more muscle fibers to get you out of the hole and back up to the top. More muscle fibers ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Pressing Matters

04.18.2015 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

The 3 different types of presses we use most commonly each vary with function and intent. As coaches there are similar “points of performance” (POP) that carry over from one to another that we are always on the lookout for. The first, ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Welcome Dawna Graham to the team!

03.19.2015 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Help us welcome Dawna Graham to our coaching crew! Many of you have probably seen Dawna working hard in the gym that past couple of months. Now we are really excited to announce that she will be coaching BCF classes regularly! We have ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – What is Make-a-Wish and Wishing on a WOD

10.23.2014 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

What is Make-a-Wish?It is a truly magical organization whose sole mission is to grant the wishes of children battling life threatening illnesses. A wish experience can be a game-changer for a child with a life-threatening medical ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Mastering skill work

08.22.2014 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

CrossFit is for everybody; because of this every box is going to have people on both ends of the physical fitness spectrum. At any given time in our box I may see someone going for a max set of muscle-ups and another person struggling ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Are you working out or training?

07.09.2014 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

What’s the difference you ask…well let me tell you. From a physical stand point, those who show up to “workout” are not really interested in making serious gains, it’s more of a social thing, and that’s OK.  As long as they understand ... READ MORE

Chad Judy – Regionals Bound!!

05.13.2014 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

We are so proud of Chad Judy and his drive and perseverance! Good luck this weekend at Regionals, we know you are going to do awesome! We will all be cheering hard for you!  A little about Chad…  Age: 27, Height: 5’11” • What ... READ MORE

Roskopf in the Box – The Happy Mapping of Arms – Part 4

02.14.2014 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

OK, here is the 4th and final installment of the mapping of the arms. We are going to now cover the wrist and hand. .  Here’s a bit of irony. A number of people who have come to me with serious use-induced problems in their wrists or ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Turning Your off Day into a Recovery Day

| Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

There isn’t just one quick fix to seeing results in the gym. Whether the results you are looking for are increased muscle, decreased fat, weight loss, or just feeling better, all require diet, exercise, and rest. This third element, ... READ MORE

Roskopf in the Box – Watershed of Lymphatic Drainage

01.28.2014 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

The purpose of this article is to show you how to decrease your soreness either during or following workouts, or help you understand why sometimes you may be sore for a lot longer than you think you should be.   The lymphatic drainage ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – A How To Guide for Scaling WODs

| Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

So you come into class and the WOD is a 3 round triplet of 10 Deadlifts at 315 lbs, 10 handstand push ups and 10 box jumps at 30”. You know that you have done a max deadlift at 335, a max effort set of 5 handstand push ups and your ... READ MORE

Roskopf in the Box – Happy Mapping of the Arms Part 3

01.18.2014 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

This month we are going to talk about the 3rd joint of the arm, the elbow joint and the two different actions that take place there.  If you have tendinitis of the wrist or elbow, or if you have problems with finger control, or if you ... READ MORE

Roskopf in the Box – The Happy Mapping of Arms Part 2

12.16.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Last month we began talking about the structure of the arm and where the 1st joint of the arm is. This month we are going to shed a bit of light on the 2nd joint of the arm…the Glenohumeral Joint or what most people call the Shoulder ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Marcus Approved Paleo Holiday Recipes

12.15.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Coconut Butternut Squash Ingredients:● 1 Large butternut squash● 1 Can coconut milk● 2-3 cups chicken broth (“Imagine” brand from Whole Foods is approved)● Dash of salt and pepper● 1 teaspoon cinnamon Directions:Peel and cut the ... READ MORE

Roskopf in the Box – The Happy Mapping of Arms Part 1

11.14.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Are you unable to do a pullup? Does your front rack kinda suck? Do push-ups hurt your shoulders? Do overhead squats end up on the ground? Are your shoulders always tiiiiiiiiiiightuh? I might be able to shed some light on the situation. ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Why does my protein powder stick to everything?

11.10.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Recently, a friend of mine who started using Progenex commented on the how he enjoyed the product but noticed that the protein powder was stickier than other known whey proteins. Thus I decided to write this article from a view of a ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Competition Etiquette

10.16.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

As CrossFitters we are sometimes lured into the world of competition. As you all know, competition can, and usually is a good thing. Whether you are competing against yourself, the clock or the person next to you, driving yourself to ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – “Paleo” vs. Paleo

09.10.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Ok, so you are “paleo”.  We get it, and so does everyone else around you because you never stop talking about how “paleo” you are.  Let us be honest here.  You never stop talking about how “paleo” you THINK you are. Nobody cares how ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – 10 Tips from Bryan

08.20.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

1. You can’t go wrong with meat and nuts for breakfast, this will start your day off without an insulin spike! (a good thing for losing body fat) 2. Speaking of insulin spiking, avoid soda and fruit juices these are some of the worst ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – What defines you?

07.11.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

What defines you? Over the last several weeks people from BCF and other boxes that I talk to ask me about the Games coming up. The common thread to these questions seems to be along the lines of “what happens if you don’t podium or do ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Learn the right way

06.27.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Learn your skills…the right way. “People think that they can either just jump into a WOD and crank out 50 Handstand Pushups or 50 Clean and Jerks at 135. Usually this is because they are inexperienced, but that inexperience ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Women and Exercise

05.27.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

With obesity overtaking the population, exercise science and fitness industries have become a necessity.  Technology and ease in transportation have allowed us to become lazy and less active.  As a society, we are always conducting ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Mental State

03.15.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Mushin (無心; Japanese mushin; English translation “no mind”) is a mental state into which very highly trained martial artists are said to enter during combat. They also practice this mental state during everyday activities. ... READ MORE

Trainer’s Talk – Intensity

02.13.2013 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Intensity. What is Intensity and why is it important when training here at BCF? Intensity is arguably the greatest factor that makes us as CrossFitters different than regular gym goers (types of movements also differentiate us from ... READ MORE