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The Top 5 Most Important & Obvious Markers for Health you still ARE NOT doing

05.14.2014 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

When it comes to the field of nutrition and health it seems to be full of mythology, politics and a lot of grey area instead of simply being straight forward science and black and white recommendations.  Part of the reason for this is ... READ MORE

Post Workout Nutrition – Protein Shake For Time!

04.10.2014 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

Does the Post Workout “Window of Opportunity” even Matter? If you read my previous article on energy systems and sports nutrition (If you didn’t read it, click here!) you may be thinking that in order to have strength and ... READ MORE

Wolford Wellness – Energy Systems and Sports Nutrition

02.14.2014 | Christine Ford | Comments ( 0 )

  With the CrossFit Open coming up you need to be performing at your very best. Perhaps the biggest limiting factor in performance is the rate by which your body uses energy compared to the rate by which your body produces energy. ... READ MORE