February BCF Newsletter

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Athlete of the Month – January 2016 – Molly Williams

Over 11 yrs ago I decided to make a lifestyle change and cut out soda and fast food.  Within a short period of time I lost 50lbs, felt amazing, and never wanted to look back. I knew it would take a lot of hard work but I was determined to stick with it and keep […]

January BCF Newsletter

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Merry Christmas to our BCF Family! From Mike, Christine, Duchess and the BCF team Thanks to all of you that attended the Holiday Party I think it was the best one yet. To think this all started in our garage with just five people over eight years ago is crazy. Our family has grown leaps […]

Athlete of the Month – December 2015 – Matthew Zola

I came to BCF a little over a year and a half ago in what I thought was the worst shape of my life (that’s not saying much considering I was only 14). I remember doing onboarding with Marcus and getting dizzy during a five minute kettlebell and rowing workout – boy it’s crazy how […]

December BCF Newsletter

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November BCF Newsletter

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Athlete of the Month – November 2015 – Deb Reser

Where were you in your fitness journey before BCF and where are you now? Wow, what a surprise to be picked as November’s athlete. Every member puts in so much effort and dedication that I am truly honored. In my pre-BCF life I had always done some form of exercise. I was your basic gym […]

Athlete of the Month – October 2015 – Louie Labonte

Louie Where were you in your fitness journey before BCF and where are you now? First, I am really humbled to be chosen this month’s athlete – there are so many great athletes here at BCF, so thank you! Before I started with BCF, I was doing old-school weight training four times per week (you […]

October BCF Newsletter

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Athlete of the Month – September 2015 – Chantell Fukumae

Chantell  I started BCF towards the latter end of November 2014. Through constant periods of transitioning moving from Hawaii to Oregon, then to California and back to Oregon again; I knew it was time to establish myself in all regards which consisted of my career and health goals. I also wanted to find a place […]

September BCF Newsletter

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Trainer’s Talk – Hammer and Nails

Training can be many things depending on the day. Some days it may be fun, rewarding, exciting, and make you feel like a super star.  Yet other days it may be a bit depressing, seem stupid, and make you wonder “why do I do this”?  I call this the “hammer and nail” situation.  Some days […]

Athletes of the Month – August 2015 – Lisa and Dave

Lisa I am a massage therapist. I stopped working a little over two years ago because of a repetitive elbow injury to both of my elbows. As a result I gained 20 lbs., and was in poor shape. I worked out a couple of times a week, but I needed more. We joined CF in […]

August BCF Newsletter

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Trainer’s Talk – The Tabata Protocol Workout

http://www.tabataprotocol.com/ Never heard of the Tabata Protocol Workout? Created by Izumi Tabata, the Tabata Protocol is simply the best supra-aerobic cardio workout every discovered. “The rate of increase in V02max is one of the highest ever reported.” – Izumi Tabata, Japan “Fat burn is greater when exercise intensity is high.” – Metabolism With only 8 […]

Athlete of the Month – June 2015 – Delia Grenville

My goals are to keep showing up.   And, to do a pull-up.    I like to keep what’s ahead of me simple.  So, I can keep showing up. My BCF experience: Sometimes I would stare so hard at Mike or whoever was coaching that I would be afraid that I was going to be […]

Trainer’s Talk – The Front Squat

We’ve been on our front squat cycle ince the beginning of May. The first few weeks were spent box squatting which helped us wake up our glutes and hamstrings. Now we are moving onto front squats without the box which will allow us to add more weight to the bar. Some differences between the Front […]

June BCF Newsletter

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Trainer’s Talk – Box Squatting

The benefits of the box squat are many. First is the fact that squatting on a box forces you to pause at the bottom, which causes you to recruit more muscle fibers to get you out of the hole and back up to the top. More muscle fibers recruited equals more strength and more growth. […]

Athlete of the Month – May 2015 – Alex Matsuda

My name is Alex Matsuda. I’m 12 years old (13 in July!) I’m a 7th grader at Stoller middle school. I play baseball on the senior federal team for JBO. I am a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo and have 1 year left until I earn my 3rd degree. I started my experience with […]

May BCF Newsletter

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Trainer’s Talk – Pressing Matters

The 3 different types of presses we use most commonly each vary with function and intent. As coaches there are similar “points of performance” (POP) that carry over from one to another that we are always on the lookout for. The first, which is common in not only the presses, but in most things we do, […]

Athlete of the Month – April 2015 – Miki Hipp

Where were you in your fitness journey before BCF and where are you now?  Before CrossFit I was struggling with staying active because I hated the gym. I hated the atmosphere; I hated putting in my head phones and zoning out for an hour all by myself, moving in and out of people doing the […]

April BCF Newsletter

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Trainer’s Talk – Welcome Dawna Graham to the team!

Help us welcome Dawna Graham to our coaching crew! Many of you have probably seen Dawna working hard in the gym that past couple of months. Now we are really excited to announce that she will be coaching BCF classes regularly! We have known Dawna and her husband Andrew for the past few years. (see […]

March 2015 – Casey Kilfoil

Where you were in your fitness journey before BCF and where are you now? The main difference is that I “worked out” instead of “trained”. I’ll always remember walking into BCF for the first time and reading the board and thinking that it didn’t look that hard, and then gasping on the ground after 8 […]

March BSC Newsletter

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October BSC Newsletter

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Trainer’s Talk – What is Make-a-Wish and Wishing on a WOD

What is Make-a-Wish?It is a truly magical organization whose sole mission is to grant the wishes of children battling life threatening illnesses. A wish experience can be a game-changer for a child with a life-threatening medical condition.  Wishes are more than just a nice thing, and they are far more than gifts, or singular events […]