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Rachael Henry
Rachael Henry5 ★3 weeks ago

After checking out A LOT of gyms when I moved to the area I made my way back to BCF, and wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much time elsewhere. There are some gyms that focus on churning out competitive athletes, and then there are gyms that focus on community and improving each member’s life. BCF is the latter. Solid programming, knowledgeable coaches, and a community that welcomes you from day one. �

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David C Lama
David C Lama5 ★2 months ago

Great location for an out of state drop-in class!

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Jenna Keith Wann
Jenna Keith Wann5 ★2 months ago
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Michael Deutsch
Michael Deutsch5 ★3 months ago

Great place. Very welcoming to drop-ins. Coach Sasha had a tough 25 min AMRAP. If you are in Beaverton for business, BCF should be your place to train!

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