Personal Programming

Personal Programming is great for those athletes that want to become competitive and have mastered the CrossFit movements. Your coach will prepare a training program individualized specifically with your strengths and weaknesses in mind. You can come to the gym during classes and warm up with the group then break off and complete your WOD during designated class hours. This is done on your own with minimal supervision. You will report your results to your coach who will then use those for future program design.


How It Works:

We will consult with you via email if you are remote or meet at our offices if you are local in order to find out exactly what you want/need. Our coaches are skilled at customizing programming in order to meet your specific goals.

Programming is designed by top level coaches who have not only made it to the highest levels of their sport but successfully trained athletes who reached their goals including:

  • Losing weight and body fat percentage
  • Over all fitness
  • Improved performance in specific sports


  • Individualized programming is the quickest way to be where you want to be
  • You are different from everyone else therefore, individualized programing is essential for rapid improvement
  • It is a safe and effective way to reach your goals because the volume, intensity and movements are all catered to you and only you