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Plan Cost
Month to month CrossFit unlimited $185
3x a week $144 per month (no contract)
CrossFit 10 Pack $165
CrossFit On-Boarding $150
Unlimited CrossFit 3 month Contract $175 per month
Unlimited CrossFit 6 month Contract $165 per month
Unlimited CrossFit 12 month Contract $155 per month
Teen Old Skool Barbell Club 1 month $125
Teen Old Skool Barbell Club 10 Pack $145
 Teen Old Skool Barbell Club Drop In $15
Yoga Drop In $13 ($10 w/ active CF Membership)
Yoga 5 Pack  $55 ($45 w/ active CF Membership)
Yoga 10 Pack  $95 ($80 w/ active CF Membership)
Yoga 20 Pack  $160 ($140 w/ active CF Membership)
Yoga 1 Month Unlimited $80 ($70 w/ active CF membership)
Yoga 3 Month Unlimited Contract $70 ($60 w/ active CF membership)
Yoga 6 Month Unlimited Contract $65 ($55 w/ active CF membership)
Yoga 12 Month Unlimited Contract $60 ($50 w/ active CF membership)
30 minute private session * $45
1 hour private session * $90
– bulk pricing on private sessions available Call to get more info – 503.828.5136
Monthly Programming * $150-200
Massage Therapy – 15 minutes * $30
Massage Therapy – 30 minutes * $50
Massage Therapy – 45 minutes * $70
Massage Therapy – 60 minutes * $90
Drop in rate – all classes $25
First Responder, Military, Student or Family Discount Call to get more info – 503.828.5136
*Not included in session or contract memberships


What makes BCF different?

At Beaverton CrossFit, it is more than just a gym – it is a community of likeminded individuals who are trying to be fit for life. We offer a constantly varied programming that will keep your body and your mind engaged, even if you train every day! We have a staff of supportive, knowledgeable coaches that will guide you through the entirety of your workout. We are ready to make modifications if needed and get you results whatever your starting point is.


How do I cancel?

Give us a full 14-day IN WRITING notice before your next auto pay date and we’ll cancel your membership. Please review our Membership Contract for all the details. Notices that are delivered within the 14-day window will be subject to one more auto pay, CANCELATION POLICY DEPENDENT ON MEMBERSHIP PLAN.


Do you offer Corporate or Group rates?

Yes. Please check with us if your company has reached out to us about establishing a corporate rate with our gym. There is usually a minimum number of enrollments to qualify. Additionally, if your organization is looking for wellness solutions, we are happy to discuss different options to provide on-site training, exclusive company training sessions at the gym, and various workshops and lectures. Please call for more details or go to our Contact Us page.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes. Freezing your account is a great option for extended absences. If you are within your membership term, you can freeze for a maximum of 3 months. Minimum freeze time is 2 weeks. You will be subject to finish your current contract and follow the cancellation policy provided by said contract. Contact Us for details, only specific qualifications will apply to be able to freeze.


Can I try you out for free?

Absolutely. Our process for new athletes is to have you come in and try a free class first. This first class is a 1-on-1 session with one of our coaches. They take you through a workout that uses some of our more common movements that you will see in workout. This is our way of seeing how you move, what you know and getting a chance to talk with you about your goals. After that 1-on-1 session, our coach will make a recommendation for on-boarding and how to get started.


Do I have to do On-boarding?

If you have previous CrossFit experience or are an experienced Olympic lifter, you may not need to complete our On-boarding program. Your coach will determine this after your free 1-on-1 session. For those new to CrossFit and lifting, the On-boarding program is a must. On-boarding is a great way to build a solid foundation of good technique and form before jumping into regular classes. Typically, on-boarding is 3-6 classes long, and is offered Tues, Wed and Thurs at 6:30 AM or in 3 private sessions.